The EWI 4000s is a wind driven synthesiser with an 8 octave range. It responds to how hard you blow and to your bite on the mouthpiece. This gives a wealth of expressive opportunities when playing either the 100 built in sounds or any sound imaginable via a computer.

 Easy to set up. Just plug in the headphones and blow.

  • High quality manufacture.
  • 100 expressive built in sounds with endless option via Mac or PC.
  • An instrument in it’s own right or a fantastic addition to a woodwind player’s available sound choices.

Here is my series of EWI video tutorials freely available on Youtube


As well as my series of EWI video tutorials it is possible to have one to one EWI or Saxophone lessons via skype.

Please contact me via the contact page to arrange lessons.

Please note I do not offer EWI support via email

Please post on the Patchman forum where very knowledgeable members will help with questions.

Roland Aerophone Ae-10

The Roland Aerophone is the very latest in electronic wind instruments, with a saxophone fingering layout and familiar mouthpiece and reed.

Easier to learn then the Akai for a beginner and potentially more controls for the pro player.

  • Roland’s legendary Super Natural sound source.
  • Sax fingering, including harmonic fingerings.
  • 6 different simultaneous midi CC controls.
  • Acoustic and synthesiser sounds built in.
  • Full menu display of instrument names and settings.


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